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Descale Power


Descale Power
Great For Boilers- Coffee Machines etc 

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Descale Power
 single use citric based descaler powder. This product will descales all coffee machines, boilers, water tanks etc. & regular use will extend the working life of your machine.

The Kinder Option

This descaler pack is designed to be biodegradable and safer to the environment. It does not contain harsh 'pickling'acids, only citric acids, which also occur naturally. After one flush, your system is ready to use again!

Directions For Use

Empty contents of one 50g sachet into your boiler* containing hot water, (max 70°C) and leave to soak for 5-15 mins dependant on level of scale (heavier deposits require longer soak times). During this process, you will notice a 'fizzing effect'. Once this has ceased or all of the scale has been removed, flush through with warm water.

Used regularly, this descaler will keep your system scale free and running at its best, preventing high maintenance and energy costs.

Also available in larger packs on request.